Welcome to the Bowling Emporium – the Ultimate Guide In order to Choosing a grass Bowl

The best guide to choosing a yard bowl.

Selecting a grass bowl is an extremely individual thing and you will find a selection of factors to think about when selecting a bowl. Right now there now are more than thirty different versions offered in the UK, each one with an alternative bias, in 8 sizes (00 6), 4 weights (moderate, medium heavy, extra and heavy heavy), with more than 6 different grip types, as well as the wide array of colors. Maybe unsurprisingly, the quantity of bowlers that are playing with the wrong color or even be lost right before they also begin is significant.

Hopefully below I have responded to several, if not all of the inquiries of yours, that will allow you to think of an educated choice about what pair of bowls will suit you best.



In all honesty the company is definitely the least critical factor when purchasing a pair of bowls. Frequently club players are going to argue the merits of just one make with another. The the fact is that many of the bowls makers make a broad range of high quality products that comply with regular laid down by World Bowls and nearly every bowler will have the ability to get the best bowl for them.

Many identified bowlers are going to have an individual choice that usually happens by testing out various bowls possibly with a go with a club mate’s and at their community bowls retailer. Selecting any specific design is going to depend on which fits you best – whether you plan to enjoy inside and also outdoors or maybe you desire a bowl especially for quicker interior greens.

There are many makers of grass bowls in the UK. The designs are revealed in brackets.

• Taylor Bowls (Lazer, Legacy SL, International, Ace, Blaze, Vector VS, Lignoid)
• Henselite (Dreamline, Tiger, Classic II, Tiger II, Classic)
• Drakes Pride (Advantage, Professional, Fineline, Jazz)
• Almark (Sterling Gold, , Sterling Slim Line Arrow)


Sizing the bowl of yours is probably the most crucial facet of selecting a yard bowl. Get it wrong and you will be either hitting the exact opposite banking with a thud or even dropping it at the foot of yours. As a guide, most males are going to play with a bowl between the sizes of three as well as five, with three being the scaled-down bowl of the 2. Girls will often play with bowls between zero as well as two in size, once again with zero being the scaled-down of the 2.

The most used way of figuring out which size is ideal for you is using both hands to span the middle fingers of yours as well as thumb within the running floor (the sleek location within the centre of the bowl therefore your thumbs touch in the bottom part of the bowl as well as your middle toes meet in the top to develop a circle. When you are able to accomplish this without a lot of a gap in the roof of the bowl this can most likely be the appropriate dimensions of bowl for you.

Though I’d recommend to try one or 2 additional methods in addition to make sure you’ve the proper size. Take the bowl most suited for you utilizing the prior procedure and 2 additional bowls – one a size below and also the additional a size above. To take every bowl in turn, keep it like around to provide – with it sitting comfy in the palm of the hand of yours (depending on the preference) of yours along with your hands positioned in the grips – swing the arm of yours backward and forward. in case you think as the bowl may come crashing down then it’s clearly very huge however, if you are able to have a firm in addition to pleasantly grip then this’s another tick in the package.

Finally, I will consult the bowler to extend the arm of theirs out before them, keeping the bowl upside down. If after 30 seconds the arm of yours begins to shake or ache, it’s most likely very big for you. If however, you have comfortable grip and a firm, this can check that this’s much more than likely the right dimensions of bowl for you. You may actually love to test exactly the same routines with the following sizing up to make sure you are not playing with a bowl which is simply too little – you must actually play together with the heaviest and largest bowl which you are in a position to perfectly supply and influence.


In general you will find 2 weights – moderate and heavy – even though some makers do offer medium weighty as well as additional heavy as choices. The mass of a bowl is suggested by the amount as well as letter on the edge of the bowl, i.e. 3H is a size 3 bowl with a huge weight, 2M is a size 2 with a moderate weight. In the UK rather a couple of bowlers very own 2 sets – a heavyweight ready for the quicker indoor surfaces along with a moderate weight set for the reduced outside greens.

The real difference in weight might be of interest alongside the dimensions of the bowl in terminology of what goes on during a match. A heavier bowl surely has the benefits of its as it is going to have far more momentum and it is much more apt to stand the ground of its of the head. If it is comfy for any bowler to hold as well as provide I’d actually suggest purchasing a heavier bowl regardless of the size they’ve selected.

Outdoor or indoor?

In case you primarily play inside, then I’d suggest a bowl with a narrower bias like a Taylor Lazer, Vector VS or maybe Blaze, a Henselite Classic II or maybe A Drakes or tiger Pro Pride Fineline or perhaps Advantage. Or else you can end up aiming at the far end of the following rink as a way for the bowl to move to the top.

Unless needless to say you are a self-assured bowler, choose a broader bias or maybe play in the rear end, in that case you may additionally think about a Taylor Ace or maybe International, a Henselite Tiger or maybe Tiger II or perhaps a Drakes Pride Professional or even Jazz.

In case you are a hardier breed and spend your summer experiencing the delights of the British summer time subsequently the bias of the bowl is much less valuable until you participate in for number 3 and bypass whenever you might need to negotiate the way of yours around additional bowls.


Picking out the bias of the bowl of yours mainly relies on if you’re an outdoor or indoor bowler and what job you play in pairs, fours or triples (rinks). If you mostly play indoors then I’d suggest a narrower bias. But in case you bowl outdoors a broader bias is apt to suit the needs of yours.

In case you are simply beginning in the game I’d suggest that you begin with a bowl with a narrow to moderate bias as you’ll likely be required to play for top or perhaps 2 exactly where the principal process of yours is usually to get as near the jack as you possibly can. Playing in these roles will furthermore provide a chance to find your weight and line.

Bowls with a narrow to moderate bias (best for indoor) include:

• Taylor Bowls (Lazer, Vector VS, Blaze, Ace)
• Henselite (Dreamline, Tiger II, Classic II)
• Drakes Pride (Advantage, , Fineline Professional)
• Almark (Arrow, Sterling Slimline)

Bowls with a moderate to wide bias (best for outdoor) include:

• Taylor Bowls (Ace, Legacy SL, International, Lignoid)
• Henselite (Classic II, Classic, Tiger)
• Drakes Pride (Professional, Jazz)
• Almark (Sterling Slimline, Sterling Gold)

In general, an interior bowl is created to get a significantly narrower bias, while an outside bowl generally has a lot too broad a swing for using inside and also may be hard to control. When I mention interior bowls I’m not talking about brief mat bowls – you can get away with making use of your outdoor or indoor bowls in a game of small mat but you will find bowls created particularly for this particular structure of the game – Stevens and Drakes Pride getting the greater known.

When you search Google Images with the terms taylor bias chart, amazon listing optimization chart, henselite bias chart, drakes pride bias chart as well as almark bias chart you are going to find a chart that illustrates the bias (the lines that the bowls take) of each bowl in the manufacturer’s selection of bowls.


Grips will be the indented rings or indentations across the sides of the bowl that provide someplace to place your fingers and thumb when delivering. These supply a far more secure grip as well as better control, especially in cold and hot or wet, sweaty conditions. If you primarily bowl inside then the grips are much less critical.

You will find numerous grip types (deep dimple, short dimple, progrips, crescent grooves, vertical grooves) out there based on the producer as well as version, therefore I’d recommend to try away bowls with various grips prior to reaching a choice. Once again, in case you should be to a club ask the fellow users of yours in case you are able to have a roll up with their bowls to find a much better idea of what’s much more comfortable and suited to the style of yours of bowling.


Initially all bowls were created from tough lignum wood and were thus brown in colour. When composition bowls were released they were invariably dark. Nowadays, bowls are obtainable in nearly fifty colours, patterns and shades and although they’re slightly a lot more costly the gap of price is narrowing. The colour of your respective bowls is a purely individual option.


A brand new set of bowls will set you back between £160 & £230, so unless the buyer is certain they understand what they would like, we’d constantly suggest that beginners buy a second hand set for between £30 as well as £120. These may usually be bought via the club noticeboard of yours, a few retailers or alternatively enjoy a look on Ebay in which there’s surely a great stock of second hand bowls for sale. So long as they’re no more than fifteen years of age (you are able to identify the era by checking out the oval or maybe rectangular stamp on the edge of the bowl – the manufacturer’s 10 year promise stamp) and absolutely no severe scrapes or maybe gouges (minor covering scratches won’t impact performance) they are going to suit the purpose of yours. And must you consequently choose to alter your bowls, a second-hand set is only going to drop a portion of its initial price if you come to market them on.

With the amount of bowls on the market, I’d actually recommend looking for guidance from a professional bowls retailer and if at all inquire whether you may be ready to test the product you want to buy. Often bowls shops based within indoor arenas hold samples which could be tried.

In the long run, whatever bowls you pick they will just actually be nearly as good as the player. Bowls could be the most gratifying or frustrating game. 1 day you will bowl the opponent from the environmentally friendly and also the following you will not obtain in 6 feet of the jack. It can easily be as infuriating as it’s rewarding.

A big component of the game, in any format, is all about consistency. I cannot advocate highly sufficient that practice makes perfect, even if by yourself and with a different player – drawing on the jack time and once again utilizing both your backhand and forehand. But that is for one more moment.

I am hoping that you have found this guide helpful. In case you’ve, please suggest it to any additional brand new bowlers you know. Whatever structure of the game you opt to play and whichever bowls you decide to purchase, I am hoping that you not merely benefit from the game but additionally the friendships you are making as well as the brilliant community scene and that complements it.